Lancets Ultra Thin

Diabetic Supplies
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Our high-quality MPD Lancets are designed with “Shallow Point” Comfort Optimization for maximum comfort; the tri-bevel, thin gauge needle with its shallow-angled edges act like blades giving a smoother, less painful penetration without tearing the skin. The unique plastic used for the body is easy to grip, even for patients with arthritis or weak fingers.

MPD Lancets have a protective shield for sterile sampling and safe disposal. As well, they are GAMMA sterilized and are compatible with most popular lancing devices on the market.

Ultra thin lancets for use with Autolet II, Auto-lancet, B-D, Exactech, Soft Touch, Dialet, Freestyle, Hemalet, Hypo-let, Microlet, Monojector, Penlet, Penlet II, Qwik-let and Ultra Soft.  100 per box.

Weight: 1 kg

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