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Difficulties getting in and out of the bath are quickly and easily overcome when using the ALL NEW Bathmaster® Sonaris™. Adjustable height and reclining comfort with the push of a button accommodates personal preference and tub configurations - the back reclines up to 40% which is controlled by the user once the lift has completed its descent. The all plastic construction is easy to clean yet strong and durable to ensure stability and years of service. The lightweight seat and back simply click together for quick assembly. The Sonaris™ fits most shapes and sizes of bathtubs with anti-slip feet that can be angled in any direction to fit the curvature of the bath and ensure stability. An audible beep and warning light will indicate when the battery requires charging, however, for your safety a built-in security mechanism ensures the bath lift will not lower if there is insufficient charge in the battery to raise the lift. The Sonaris™ includes a powerful battery sealed in the hand controller which will provide an amazing 18 lifts per full charge* (based on a 220 lb. load), as well as a battery recharger and two side flaps.  *Full recharge time: 3 hours.

Weight: 1 kg

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