Convatec 421630

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Designed to protect patients and clinicians against over-inflation risk. Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT FMS Key Benefits: Fill Protection, The only fecal management system that senses when the retention balloon is correctly filled and visually indicates over inflation Infection Protection, Proven in vitro to contain C. difficile and its spread into the environment.1 Total Odor Protection, Odor barrier runs the full length of the catheter, providing an end-to-end odor barrier.2 Sampling Protection, The blue sampling port allows safe and easy stool collection helping minimise the risk of fecal exposure. Privacy™ Collection Bag, With 6x more odor-capturing compared to the charcoal filtered collection bags3. This filter also eliminates the need of manually releasing the excess gas from the collection bag.4 Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT FMS Kit (1 kit/box, 1bag) - 1 kit per box

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