Devilbiss VacuAide Suction Unit Refurbished

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SKU: 7305PDR
The DeVilbiss 7305 Series Vacu-AideŒ¬ Suction Unit meets suction and capacity requirements in a small, lightweight design High Performance äóñ Vacuum adjustments allow for 80-550 mm Hg and a free flow of 27 LPM Adjustable Flow Regulator äóñ Easy-to-turn knob conveniently placed directly below gauge for easy use and control Knob has safety lock feature which will not allow the knob to be twisted off (Figure A) The Vacu-AideŒ¬ Suction Unit 7305P series meets the RTCA/DO160D Aircraft Standard as well as the ISO-10079 1:1999 Suction Standard Optional Battery Capabilities äóñ For use up to one hour Provides the patient with added security when needed most The high flow capabilities (27 LPM) of the Vacu-AideŒ¬ Suction Unit can return a patient to a state of comfort quickly Unit can be operated while inside the carrying case Dimensions 9.0" (H) x 7.0" (W) x 8.0" (D) Electrical Requirements 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz .75 A max Electrical Supply 12 V DC, 33 W max Flow Rate 27 LPM Free Flow, Unrestricted Vacuum Strength 80-550 mm Hg Warranty Limited Limited 2 Years on Unit, Limited 90 Days on Battery Weight Capacity (13046 | 13046-HD) 3.8 lbs without Battery Refurbished- new battery and piston seals. Warranty as new

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