Isosource 1.5 Cal

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Product Description Isosource 1.5 is a complete, polymeric, high-calorie liquid formula for individuals with a functioning GI tract. It is suitable for tube feeding or oral use. Isosource 1.5 is ideal for individuals with elevated energy needs or volume sensitivities. The mild vanilla oral formulation of Isosource 1.5 is well suited for oncology or AIDS patients suffering from taste fatigue.Designed for comfort and tolerance, Isosource 1.5 provides 100% of recommended RNIs in 1000 ml. The low osmolality and 50% of fat as medium chain triglycerides (MCT) in Isosource 1.5 enhances lipid absorption. Indications • Ideal for higher energy requirements such as surgery, burns trauma, cystic fibrosis or homecare • Mild vanilla taste for oral use in HIV/AIDS, cystic fibrosis or oncology • Ready-to-use cans and pre-filled non-air-dependent UltraPak®. Ingredients WATER, MALTODEXTRIN, CALCIUM-POTASSIUM CASEINATE (FROM COW’S MILK), MEDIUM-CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES (MCT SOURCE: FRACTIONATED COCONUT AND PALM KERNEL OIL), SUGAR, CANOLA OIL, CORN OIL, SOY LECITHIN, ARTIFICIAL VANILLA FLAVOUR, POTASSIUM CITRATE, SODIUM CHLORIDE, CALCIUM CITRATE, DISODIUM PHOSPHATE, CITRIC ACID, DIPOTASSIUM PHOSPHATE, CHOLINE CHLORIDE, SODIUM ASCORBATE, MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE, MAGNESIUM OXIDE, CARRAGEENAN, L-CARNITINE, TAURINE, SODIUM CITRATE, ZINC SULPHATE, FERROUS SULPHATE, NIACINAMIDE, DL-ALPHA TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, TURMERIC COLOUR, CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE, MANGANESE SULPHATE, PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE, COPPER SULPHATE, RIBOFLAVIN, THIAMINE MONONITRATE, RETINYL PALMITATE, BIOTIN, FOLIC ACID, CHOLECALCIFEROL, CHROMIUM CHLORIDE, CYANOCOBALAMIN, PHYLLOQUINONE, POTASSIUM IODIDE, SODIUM MOLYBDATE, SODIUM SELENATE. 4 x 1.5l ultrapacks

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