Kangaroo Nasogastric Feeding Tube With Standard Tip Adult

Enteral Feeding
SKU: 8884720825
This weighted polyurethane feeding tube is designed for nasogastric and nasoduodenal feeding with a slimmer lighter weighted tip for easier insertion. The feeding port is incompatible with luer lock or I.V. connections, reducing the risk of accidental connection or infusion. Available with safe enteral connections. Dual port enteral connector engineered to reduce risk of tubing misconnections Addresses 2006 JCAHO Tubing Misconnections Sentinel Event Alert Purple color to denote enteral feeding — oral/cath tip syringe only Weighted feeding tubes with and without flow-through stylets Radiopaque polyurethane material CM markings MRI conditional once stylet is removed DEHP-free Includes eyelet, rigid outlet port 8 French 36 inch length 10 per box

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