Mepore Film and Pad 9cm x 25cm

Wound Care
SKU: 275700
Mepore® Film & Pad is suitable for a wide variety of low to moderately exuding wounds, such as surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions. The system combines an absorbent pad with a transparent surrounding film – making the dressing discreet to wear, and meaning the healthcare professional can easily see the area around the wound. Breathable to prevent maceration and help maintain a moist wound environment Absorbent structure handles low to moderate amounts of fluid Transparent film is discreet so your patient feels more comfortable Protects against microbes larger than 25nm and also prevents leakage Provides gentle and secure fixation When to use Mepore Film & Pad Mepore Film & Pad can be used for a wide variety of wounds with low to moderate exudate levels – such as surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions. 30 per package

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