Optichamber Adult

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OptiChamber® ADVANTAGE

Valved Holding Chamber For Use With Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI)

Respironics' OptiChamber ADVANTAGE makes available more of the smaller medication particles - those that can reach deep into the peripheral airways.

OptiChamber ADVANTAGE has been clinically demonstrated to provide rapid lung function improvement when compared to drug delivered via jet nebulizer and a large volume (750ml) spacer.

Designed to Optimize Drug Delivery

  • OptiChamber ADVANTAGE has 50% more volume than the leading valved holding chamber.
  • Clear locking mouthpiece allows you to see the valve move for accurate timing of drug actuation and easily disassembles and reassembles for cleaning (will not loosen).
  • New star-cut blue replaceable valve allows for better retention and flexibility to fit larger MDI's.
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe except the valve and face mask.
  • Replacement parts available (small, medium, large masks, one-way valve).
  • Important Findings About Static in Spacers (PDF)

Life Span: With proper care, OptiChamber ADVANTAGE should last at least two years.


Why should I use a holding chamber with my inhaler?

When an inhaler is used alone, medicine ends up in the mouth, throat, stomach and lungs, which may cause unpleasant taste and side effects. When an inhaler is used with OptiChamber ADVANTAGE, more medicine is delivered to the lungs, which means more rapid lung function.

The illustrations below show how this works.



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