Slumber Ergocare Pillow Large

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23.6 x 11.8 x 4.7 - 3.5 in (60 x 30 x 12 - 9 cm)

Perfect ergonomic body contouring support!

ErgoCare pillows ensure a stress-free cervical alignment to reduce tension and pain in your neck and shoulders while sleeping on your back or side.

Cradles your head and neck to reduce pressure point sensitivity.

The SlumberCare™ ErgoCare Pillow helps to relieve muscle fatigue and tension.

Provides peaceful and restorative sleep


  • Maintains the natural curve of your neck and redistributes the weight to provide support and relieve pressure, allowing cervical muscles to relax.
  • Perfectly conforms to your head’s contours.
  • Use behind your head, between your knees or against your back for a firm but soft support; greatly assists in natural cervical (neck) or lumbar (lower back) spine alignment.
  • Relieves pressure on joints by supporting them without adding strain.
  • Soft, removable and washable zippered pillowcase included.
  • Latex-free viscoelastic foam
  • Heat sensitive
  • Supreme foam density: 80 kg/m³
  • Pressure-relieving weight distribution

  1. Soft velour zippered pillowcase
    (80 % cotton, 20 % polyester)
    Anti-bacterial material
    Meets CA 117 flammability requirements
  2. Protective cover
    (20 % cotton, 80 % polyester)
    Meets CA 117 flammability requirements
  3. Viscoelastic material
    Body heat and pressure sensitive

Open cell                                                  
Viscoelastic Foam

IFD: 63.1 lb / 50 in2
Foam meets CA 117 flammability requirements

Weight: 1 kg

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