Thickened Water Nectar Consistency

Thickened Beverages
SKU: B594A5044
Specifically designed to provide proper nutrition and hydration for people with swallowing disorders. Ready-to-drink, clear Artesian mineral water with no lemon flavor or sweeteners added, our thickened water is calorie-, sugar- and carbohydrate-free. Freeze to make ice cubes or add powdered drink mixes for convenient and tasteful varieties, including tea, coffee, cocoa, broth, lemonade, milk, laxatives, or nutritional drink powders. Clear, Thickened with Xanthan Gum Convenient – Available in nectar and honey consistencies; no mixing; resealable bottles Reliable – Maintains proper consistency over time and temperature Versatile – Chill or heat; freeze to make ice cubes or frozen treats Dietary Friendly – Kosher, Kosher for Passover and gluten free; great option for people with diabetes and for weight management 4 x 1.89 liter

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