Kangaroo E-pump Safety Screw Set With 1000ml Flush Bag

Enteral Feeding
SKU: 775100
Product Description Kangaroo ePump Pump Sets are DEHP-free and incorporate the anti-free flow safety feature. Features PVC material eliminates the use of the compound/chemical DEHP Incorporates the internal anti-free flow (AFF) device providing continuous protection from the possibility of a free flow incident Spike set with threaded design is compatible with Nestle SpikeRight feeding port Large, stepped connector helps prevent connection to I.V. tubes and provides a secure fit with feeding tubes For use with Kangaroo ePump and Kangaroo Joey pumps Specifications Brand: Kangaroo ePump Manufacturer: Covidien Application: Enteral Feeding Pump Bag Set Sizes: 1000 mL (Mfg#775100)

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