Oral Syringe 1ml With Cap

Syringes and Needles
SKU: BD305217
1 mL Oral Syringes are used for providing liquid medicine to medical patients for more accurate dosages than a medicine spoon can achieve. 1 mL Oral Syringes accurately measure small doses of liquid medicine to be administered to patients orally. Manufactured by Becton Dickenson, these Oral Syringes are available in clear barrels. BD Oral Syringes feature easy-to-read scale markings in both milliliters and teaspoon scale for greater accuracy and to reduce the risk of incorrect doses of medication or administrative errors. Syringes come with end caps 1 mL Oral Syringes Features & Benefits •Easy-to-read scale markings. •Reduced risk of dosing errors •Used for dispensing Cannabis oil 100/pkg

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