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Thickeners, or thickening agents, are added to foods and liquids to make them thicker. These thickeners can be used in beverages as well as added to pureed foods to help create a uniform texture. Thickeners come in both powdered and liquid forms. In Canada, the two most common types of thickeners are starch based and xanthan gum based. ThickenUp® ClearTM from Nestlé Health Science is an example of a xanthan gum-based thickening powder. Xanthan gum thickener creates a clear mixture when added to water. See for yourself in the comparison below. Xanthan gum thickener powders are tasteless and odourless. Try some water thickened with xanthan gum powder and water thickened with a starch-based thickener, and you’ll notice the difference immediately. Xanthan gum powders are stable, meaning they do not continue to thicken the prepared food or beverage over time. Starch based thickeners, however, can continue to thicken prepared food or beverages over time. Xanthan gum thickener has a special property called “amylase resistance.” This means that liquids thickened with xanthan gum do not change their thickness in the presence of saliva in your mouth. Saliva contains an enzyme (called amylase) that can break down starch and cause your starch-thickened beverage to become thin in your mouth. Xanthan gum thickener does not contribute significant dietary carbohydrate or calories making it suitable for people who are managing their carbohydrate or caloric intake. There are two forms of xanthan gum thickeners available: powders and liquid thickeners. Both thickeners are suitable for modifying the consistency of beverages. Consider the following when choosing one that’s right for you: Powdered and liquid xanthan gum thickeners require different mixing techniques, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully when preparing yours. Powdered and liquid xanthan gum thickeners have different effects on taste. Xanthan gum powders are mostly tasteless, while some liquid xanthan gum thickeners may introduce a slight sour taste into the food or beverage it is mixed in.

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